We are

Superstructure games

And we are making a game about Post CyberPunk Apocalypse


CyberPink is dead.

Dream of chrome and  flickering pinkish neon is long gone.
Insert evil corporations, collapsing environment, shady governments hacking away last fragments of human rights.
Obviously, this couldn't end well.

Our game tells a tale of  what happened after that.

And as that apocalypse thing goes, there is nothing 'post' about it. It is hard hitting present tense for everyone still alive.
Buckle up.



A Topdown ARPG built on UNREAL engine in preproduction stage.
Not much to add at this point.



The Game is still in preproduction phase so only few viable screenshots exist.

Leave a message after a beep.

superstructuregames <AT> gmail <DOT> com

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